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30 Apr 20
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Measuring Non Profit Efficiency: The Statement of Functional Expense
Accounting provides some measure of a firm's economic efficiency on its income statement. A large net income usually tells us that something has gone right, while a large loss indicates that something is amiss. The same cannot be said about a non profit's income statements (usually called the Statements of Revenue and Expense).
01 May 20
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Medical Collections - How To Get Your Money & Keep Your Patients
Taking care of your employees' health is very important when it comes to keeping your business healthy and productive. As such, most employers make sure that certain amounts of money are always put aside for the health benefits of the people working with them. However, this save and spend technique doesn't always work.
01 Jun 20
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Mobile Marketing, Let Your Business Be Seen
If there is one thing that just about everyone in the world has in common is that they have to get from one place to another using some sort of transportation. Many people spend quite a bit of time traveling to and from one destination to another in their vehicle. During this time drivers and their passengers tend to notice an advertisement here or there in the form of a billboard or sign.
09 Jun 20
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More Styles of Desks for you to Consider
Last month we started looking at different styles of desks, ranging from hundreds of years old to newer styles. We were talking about the desk styles listed below and got through the top five. Today we will look at the next five desks on the list.
20 Jun 20
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Need of Inspirational Speaker in Business
A speaker is engaged to inspire and motivate the people to achieve their goals. He is a person who has a good taste of oration and is equipped with knowledge. A speaker should be capable to express his views and open to any response or criticism. His speech should reflect his confidence. These days many companies are hiring inspirational speakers to increase their employees' productivity.
07 Jul 20
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Network Marketers Hop on the Social Media Bandwagon
It has not changed; your website is the foundation of your marketing strategy. However, these days, social media sites are altering the landscape of Internet marketing in a significant way. More and more businesses are becoming involved in social media marketing, and for a very good reason.
11 Jul 20
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No Swap Forex Account or the Islamic Account
The term "swap" in the forex market, is a credit or debit resulting from daily interest rates. Swap is interchangeably used with the term "rollover rate" as well.When a trader holds a position (each lot left overnight, for example), his account is either credited or debited interest, the amount based on the currency rates at the time in question.
27 Jul 20
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Mission Oak End Tables - Simply Beautiful
One of the more common styles of dcor these days is mission dcor. Mission pieces are made out of natural woods and have a very natural hand-made feel to them. Many also call this style of dcor Arts & Crafts.
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