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October 9, 2020
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Executive Coaching and Mentoring: For Effective Teams and Executives

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The Gallup Global Survey 2011 results show that only 18% of Australians say that they love their work. This is a dismal scenario for companies because happy employees bring better investment returns, sales and numbers. And even until today, the big bosses say that it's "lonely on top".

So if you're wondering where we went wrong, it's probably the lack of support in and out of the workplace. Yes, there are programs for professional development, such as skills enhancement and career advancement; but the hard skills aren't the only ones that need development. Everyone, including the successful CEOs, also need some guide, push, or boost towards the right direction - and that's where mentoring comes in. An executive coaching or mentoring program will help them, not only with their work strategies and business goals, but also with their personal development, especially with their interpersonal relations at work. Remember, people are still the most important assets in the company. If you need to invest for higher returns, then don't forget to invest in people.

Horizons Unlimited Offers Personal and Professional Development Programs

Horizons Unlimited strongly believe in workplace mentoring for personal and professional growth. This is why their executive coaching workshops are tailored to each team's or organisation's needs. As the Australian partner of Europe's Clutterbuck Associates, they offer coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation programs.

  • Coaching - transforms individual, team and organisational results through performance and behaviour
    • Executive coaching and leadership coaching
      1. Begins with needs analysis
      2. Lasts 5-7 months (plus sustaining period)
      3. Individual and team programs
      4. Client-centred model: client sets the agenda and is supported to discover his or her own solutions
      5. Profiling instruments and interviews: to give the participant vital feedback for self-awareness and to provide measurements for assessing change and improvement
      6. Operate within clear ethical and professional boundaries
    • Team coaching
      1. Combining individual with team development
      2. Involves one-on-one or pair coaching with facilitation of group sessions
      3. Spans 6-12 months (with optional ongoing support)
  • Mentoring
    • Facilitates deep, personalised learning by tapping into the wisdom of someone with greater experience
    • Uses skilful questioning and personal reflection
    • Learning conversations to improve thinking
    • Includes mentor-mentee training and full program designs
  • Training - builds capacity and enables a coaching and mentoring culture
    • Specific training modules
    • Supports mentoring and coaching programs
    • Designed for middle to senior-level executives
  • Facilitation - aligns the organisation to vision, strategy, mission and values to operate uniformly on purpose
    • Meetings and workshops
      1. Group dialogue
        1. Sessions that involve deep dialogues
        2. Reaching agreements and solving tough and complex issues after differing opinions
      1. Strategic planning
        1. Planning sessions for a workable, forward-thinking strategy with priorities and accountabilities
      1. Advancing women
        1. Advancement of women in organisations
        2. Building greater diversity among the top ranks

People are capable of achieving beyond expectations, if provided with the proper tools and guidance. If they are pushed to the right direction, they will be productive and effective individuals who can contribute to the team and be valuable members of the organisation.


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