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September 5, 2020
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Ergocraft Office Furniture for Home or Business

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Though desks and other types of office furniture have been in many homes for decades, it wasn't until home computers became popular that this type of furniture became a mainstay in almost every home in America. I remember growing up in the 70's and having one of those small student desks for homework. It worked great! But today you would hard pressed to have enough room on one of these to get anything done. Your laptop may fit on it, but that would be about all. With the surge in computer use in the home, and hence, more office furniture used in the home, it is not surprising that there is a similar surge in the number of companies manufacturing office furniture.

One of the newer companies, formed in 2000, is Ergocraft Contract Solutions (ECS). Today, after ten short years, they have become a major international manufacturing company. A majority of their products are manufactured in their production facility in California, but besides a distribution warehouse in California, they also have one in Georgia. This allows for quick and strategic delivery to anywhere in the country. Though the manufacturing occurs in the US, much of their sourcing is out of China, which helps to keep their costs down. They produce a large variety of office furniture using wood, particle board, and metal related products. But ECS believes that their success and growth come by their ability to fulfill their company philosophy, "providing our customers with well priced quality products and services".

Ergocraft has three main product lines of office furniture: office chairs, case goods, and metal case goods. Lets take a quick look at each of these.

When it comes to office chairs, Ergocraft offers a lot of different choices. Their office chairs are broken down into the Designer Series, Contract Seating and Basic Choices. The Designer Series are their higher end office chairs. These are more deluxe, offer the ultimate in ergonomic design, adjustability and comfort. These are especially good if you are sitting all day at a desk. The Contract Seating is the type of office chair you would find in a large office with hundreds of cubicles. Affordable for the company and decent for the employee. The Basic chair is great for use if you are sitting in it for only a couple of hours at a time, or for your kids. But don't be fooled by the "Basic", these chairs are also adjustable for a good fit. Probably one of the really cool things about Ergocraft's chairs are the availability of unique fabrics. Besides some great colors, they also offer fabrics with neat patterns. With these cool fabrics, you can find a chair that is comfortable and suits your personality.

All of their case good's, regardless whether it is made of wood, particle board or metal and glass, includes all the basics in office furniture. Desks, shelving units, small cabinets, filing cabinets, hutches, etc. They offer a variety of styles to make finding the perfect one for you a breeze.

So, whether you are trying to outfit your home office, or an office full of employees (check out their competitive discount program if you need to purchase in bulk), make sure you consider Ergocraft and what all they have to offer in a great selection of office furniture.


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