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July 27, 2020
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Mission Oak End Tables - Simply Beautiful

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One of the more common styles of dcor these days is mission dcor. Mission pieces are made out of natural woods and have a very natural hand-made feel to them. Many also call this style of dcor Arts & Crafts.

If you are creating this look in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the general feel this type of furniture needs to have mission furniture is meant to be very squared and have straight lines. Typical mission oak end tables are going to be very simplistic. They will have perfect lines that create a square or rectangle shape.

While many think of wood furniture as carved and decorated pieces, this is not the case with mission oak end tables. Mission oak end tables mean business. Instead of a focus on decorative touches, mission oak end tables have the attention put into the construction and strength of the pieces.

It seems that focus has worked as many of the mission oak end tables that were created over a century ago are still in operation today, just as strong as they were the day they were built.

While you may wonder why someone would want plain mission oak end tables you may want to think about why you wouldn't. By having mission oak end tables you don't have to worry about changing out your furniture down the road as the same set of mission oak end tables that work with your mission dcor now will also work with any country dcor you set up or pretty much any other classic look you choose for your home. It's the elegance in the simplicity of mission oak end tables that allows them to be the tables for all home styles.

Even the hardware on mission oak end tables fits this theme. Generally, the handles, hinges and pulls on mission oak end tables are very simple pieces of wood that are more for functionality than fashion. Although it's simple, the hardware on mission oak end tables still has a lot of charm as in most cases it, too, is handcrafted. Looking at the pieces you will appreciate the attention to detail that goes into making perfect pieces that look as if they were machine made, but were painstakingly worked by a metal craftsman.

Looking to put decorative accents around your mission oak end tables? Try simple living. Pieces of ceramic that may have been around in that time-period will do nicely.

Additionally, the colors of the room should have natural hues. This will blend with the natural environment that suits mission oak end tables. If you really want to make mission oak end tables feel at home, try textured walls in natural colors, to offer a more hand-created feel to the entire space.

The final touch to get the most out of your mission oak end tables and other mission furniture is lighting. This room should not be brightly lit. Softer, more natural lighting options should be selected to do justice to this space.


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